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Who Can Be a Mission Ambassador?

You believe in the mission, goals, and values of Sisters Rising Worldwide and you’re willing to share it with others.  You are able to emotionally connect with your donors and investors. You add value. You’re the person who can turn one-time donors into lifelong investors. You help others see SRW’s vision.

What’s in it for you?

  • Materials, information, and ”talking points” about SRW will be provided
  • A highlight in our e-newsletter!
  • Cool and colorful SRW swag 
  • Permission to email us with ideas or comments about how to improve things
  • Online and in person gatherings with the mission ambassadors!
  • Linkedin endorsement and/or personal recommendation if requested

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Mission Ambassadors

Represent Sisters Rising Worldwide from wherever you are in the United States (or around the world!).
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