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Bomb Shelter for Kids in Ukraine


Since February 24, 2022, people throughout Ukraine have too often had to shelter below ground to find safety from Russian aerial attacks.

The Situation

With bombs regularly exploding around them, three Ukrainian sisters huddle with 10 orphans they care for and 46 children aged 3 to 7, in their kindergarten program.  They seek refuge in the basement of the monastery of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The sisters run a kindergarten in the monastery for children from different backgrounds: some come from large families, others from disadvantaged families, in addition to the orphans who are raised by the sisters.

With the ever-present aerial bombing, the sisters are repairing their basement to serve as a bomb shelter so that it’s ready for use when needed. They have raised those funds, but are seeking funding from Sisters Rising Worldwide to furnish the shelter with much-needed and government-mandated supplies to keep both the children and their sister caregivers safe in the event of an attack.

Emergency Impact

A fully prepared shelter will ensure safety and, hopefully, some measure of comfort, to the children in the event of an attack. The shelter must provide places to sleep and to sit, rechargeable battery power to provide warmth and circulating air, and fire extinguishers to provide safety if needed. 

Our Response Plan

Since the sisters are responsible for the life and health of the children, Sisters Rising Worldwide is raising $16,000 in funding that will be used to help provide government-mandated supplies for their bomb shelter in Potelych, Ukraine.

Necessary supplies include beds, mattresses, wardrobes for warm clothing, tables and chairs, a sofa, rug, and a game table for the children. Also needed are metal cabinets for storage, a rechargeable battery with an inverter, a means to help circulate air, and fire-fighting equipment, including fire extinguishers. We also hope to provide the sisters and young children with a supply of food and clean water.

Your donation will buy these supplies for the shelter:

  • $105 will buy a bed for one of the orphans. 
  • $25 will buy a wooden chair
  • $56 will buy a table
  • $36 will buy needed fire extinguishers
  • $1310 will buy the air quality equipment.

We Need Your Support

To bring basic human necessities to those that may not be able to get life-sustaining supplies due to war and aerial bombardment in their village in Ukraine.

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