On the Border with Sisters and Alight

It’s not unusual to meet a Sister living along the US and Mexican border.  Sisters have been living there for decades.  Many Sisters were born and raised there and often joined Orders whose members serve in the border towns.  And, as is true worldwide, Sisters serve the people in the communities around them, particularly those most in need.   All families have occasions when help is needed—our own included.  Sisters are ready to assist us all.

As the current crisis on the border grows, Sisters from across the country come and join in the effort to help.  In addition, Sisters Rising Worldwide great friend and colleague in all things wonderful, Alight (formerly American Refugee Committee) wanted to help as well.  They asked Sisters Rising Worldwide to connect them to Sisters living and serving along the border.  Alight wished to discover what Sisters might know about possible solutions to the crisis.   But, instead of finding clear answers, Alight found Sisters in the midst of a humanitarian crisis doing everything they could to ease the immediate suffering of people arriving in their communities by the hundreds, and in some places by the thousands.  Sisters could only treat symptoms to root causes embedded in home countries.  When treating symptoms, needs are vast.

Therefore, as Alight quickly discovered, needs varied daily and with great urgency.  The range within a given week included medicine, diapers, clothing, food, shoes, socks to shelter and health care to name a few.  Alight helped the Sisters and all the volunteers do the doable.

Most importantly, however, there is one need that doesn’t vary each day: human dignity. All day, Sisters provide love and compassion for the dear neighbor, without distinction.  As hearts are touched, profound healing begins.

Alight representatives (Bill on left, Annie in middle) visiting the Sisters in Brownsville, TX at the San Felipe de Jesus parish where they receive the unaccompanied minors who are being sheltered in nearby facilities.

Rayo de Luz in McAllen, TX.

Rayo de Luz in McAllen, TX where Sister Shirley and her group of mujeres serve breakfast every Tuesday to the homeless in their community.


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