Solar Powered Schools, Democratic Republic of the Congo


The Situation

Conducting educational programs in this war-torn area of the world is challenging due to the past violence, damage to buildings, pillaging of materials and furniture needed for education.

The Sisters’ Response

Throughout horrible times of violence, the sisters have maintained their school and continued to provide services. Since 1968, the Sisters of the Institute St Joseph have conducted a school for girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo near to the borders of Burundi and Rwanda. The school prepares young women to maximize their potential and prepare for careers.

Funds Are Needed

Now that the warring and pillaging has slowed down the time is ideal to bring these school programs up to their maximum potential by providing them with solar powered computers and sewing machines. Security at the school now includes reinforced doors and windows to protect these investments. In addition sentries with watchdogs guard the school, both by day and by night.

The students need computers to be computer literate and sewing machines to learn tailoring skills to ensure future employment.

“The failure of [old] equipment prevents many practical activities and it detracts from the completeness of the computer data training and sewing skills.” Sr. Clare

Your donation would help provide

  • 10 laptops at $400 a piece
  • 10 electric sewing machines at $200 a piece
  • 4 solar panels and other required parts at $700 a piece
  • Technicians to install and other miscellaneous parts

This program can be replicated in other Democratic Republic of the Congo schools who have similar problems. The approximate cost per school for the needed computers, sewing machines and solar power equipment is $10,210.00.

Immediate Charitable Response

$10,210.00 per school

Systemic Goal

Education is well-resourced and continues in this area


January 8, 2020- on the very day that we received your email, we also received the news from the Umoja High School, that heavy rains caused part of the wall surrounding the property to collapse, putting at risk the security of the whole school and its equipment. Thus, now our most urgent need is to repair that wall (see the attached photos). Your news of the available monies seemed to us a sign from St. Joseph (who was a carpenter) during this year dedicated to him.
So, if you agree we are thinking to use that money to repair the wall, trusting that other benefactors might help us get the computers and the other things we listed in the project.

January 18, 2020- We are sending you the funding to fix the wall and do the original project. Thank you for your efforts.

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