Empowering Rural Women, Visakhapatnam, India


The Situation

Economic conditions in rural communities lead many to migrate to cities in search of livelihood. There they are often exploited and tricked into human trafficking situations. The sisters realized that the young girls and women between 14-20 age group were the most vulnerable.

The Sisters’ Response

Since 1999 St Joseph Community College has offered free education and vocational training. The community college prepares the young women for careers to escape poverty. Internships and student placements are a vital part of the educational preparation.

Sr. Anitha Yandava shared, “100 to 120 young women and girls benefit each year. They specialize in 5 areas of learning leading to a Diploma in Health Assistants (DHA), Diploma in Desk Top Publishing (DDTP, Diploma in Fashion Designing and Garment Making (DFGM), Diploma in Early Childhood Education (DECE), Diploma in Tally Accounting (DTA), Diploma in Home Nursing and House Keeping (DHNHK)”


Over 600 students have graduated and are now employed in various institutions, hospitals and homes.

Funds Are Needed

The College wishes to purchase a mini-bus that would allow the staff to provide transportation to and from these internships. The young women do not have funds for transportation to internships unless they are in walking distance from the community college at this time. High quality internships increase the students’ employability.

Goals and Objectives

Timeline: 4 years

Goal: Provide a minivan to provide transportation to internships to assist at-risk vulnerable young women to achieve gainful employment.


All students are able to participate in a quality internship in their field

Follow up services are offered to graduates to ensure and enhance success at work and provide coaching and mentoring for ongoing employment and life coping skills education

Immediate Charitable Response

$23,500.00 to purchase the minivan. In years two through four, funds to hire and train mentors and coaches for graduates will be requested.

Systemic Goal

Ensure that quality internships, additional tutoring and ongoing supports are available to students and graduates to assist them in becoming sustainably employed.


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