Eradicate Child Labor, Assam, India


The Situation

Rural women in Assam suffer from being both economically and socially invisible. For them there is continued vulnerability and inequality in all sectors – economic, social, political, education, health care and legal. There is a need to empower women to counter this menace while strengthening women’s economic security.

Sisters’ Response

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Lyons were invited to join a long-standing successful community-based not-profit to provide programs for the empowerment of young girls through education and vocational training. They developed a three pronged project that enhances the socio-economic condition of the most marginalized tribal girls and women in the Barrack Valley through education and vocational skills training.

Residential School for 25 Drop-out Girls a Year
Drop-out girl students may be the most vulnerable population for sex trafficking or child labor in this part of India. Recent studies show that 29.28% of girls in this region drop out. Basic education can transform the lives of girls in this society. This project provides residential educational services to 25 drop-out girls a year.

Your donation provides

  • room and board for a girl for one year…….$345.00/year
  • cost of 3 teachers……………..$4,115/year

Impact: At the end of a year of preparations, 80% of participants have passed the 10th class metric exams and then either attend college or have developed the capacity to run a small business.

“Basic education can transform the lives of girls and women, providing them with a greater appreciation of their own potential and rights as well as expanded employment opportunities. Our experience is an educated woman is capable of making decisions, voicing opinions, and holding good posts in Governments.” Sr Sherly Thomas

Five Coaching Centers
Five Coaching Centers will provide educational tutoring and a greater appreciation of their own potential and human rights for 59 girls and young women in each center. 90% of young girls and women learn vocational skills.

Your donations provides

  • Salary for a coach for a center………………$350/year
  • Vocational training materials for each center…….. $145/year
  • One time purchase of sewing machines and computers for each center…$515.

“The young girls working together come to appreciate and rely on the power of group identity they gain at these centers.”- Sr. Sherly Thomas

Women’s Associations are the Key to Sustainability
Women’s Associations are the key to sustainability of the educational/vocational gains achieved through their drop-out program and coaching centers. The Women’s Associations provide support, training and managerial/technical capacity-building to enable the participants to run small businesses and carry out income generating activities in the 155 villages of Barrack Valley. The Women’s Association empower these women to counter their societal disenfranchisement and strengthen women’s economic security.

Your donation provides programs for Women’s Associations across Barrack Valley..$1,300/year

“Empowerment of women is a process of awareness of capacity building, leading to a greater participation, to greater decision making power and control to transformative action.” Sr. Sherly Thomas

These projects will provide resources to prevent child labor and human trafficking in rural areas through education and empowerment of young women.

Immediate Charitable Response

$23,867 each year for three years.

15 Year Systemic Goal

Eradicate Child Labor and Human Trafficking in Barrack Valley Region, Assam, India.


This group of students graduated successfully in April and are now living self-sufficiently.  A new class of drop outs began in June and are already making progress.

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