From the Ashes- St Joseph School


The Situation

In 2008, anti-Christian violence reduced the Sankarakhol mission to ashes. By 2011 the convent was rebuilt and the Sisters began the slow process of rebuilding. Today, Sankarakhol can boast of an “English Medium Convent School” where people across religions, castes, and cultures can avail high-quality education. This is nothing but rising from the ashes both in its real and literal sense.
Though the physical wounds left by the violence have been healed, fear, animosity, and suspicion lingered on. False accusation of proselytization by missionaries has been used to keep the society divided for the economic, political, and social advantages of a few.

Sisters’ Response

In this scenario, St Joseph’s English Medium school emerged as a temple of learning which brought reconciliation among communities and reestablished peaceful coexistence. The school fostered cooperation, community building and collaboration among the people.

“The social establishments such as shops, banks, markets, post-office and the people, who boycotted us once, are now eager to be associated with us and ready to render any service we need. Once we walked on these streets with fear of ridicule and sarcasm but today, we walk proudly being greeted by the same people and with dignity.” Sr. Liby

Funds are Needed

1. Library: We have the room and furniture, but we need to buy library books and bookshelves. It will cost $1500
2. Play equipment: We need an enclosure and a few pieces of equipment for outdoor games like Slides, Seesaw, Merry Go Round, Swing, etc. Small children look forward to game equipment meant for learning. $4200
3. Science Lab: We have the room and furniture but need to buy various equipment and glass shelves for $2100
4. Tuition Fee for Catholic Students: There are many Catholic families who cannot afford the cost of the quality education provided at our school. There are 10 children who need scholarship assistance at $500 per child Cost $5,000.

Immediate Charitable Response


Systemic Goal

Children of different castes, religions, and cultures respect each other and work together in harmony.


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