MCARE, Mindanao, Philippines

Job Training

The Situation

Farmers in war-torn Mindanao, Philippines were experiencing lower crop yields as their land became more acidic due to pesticides.

Sisters’ Response

The sisters founded the Mercy Center for Alternative Re-Creation of Earth (MCARE).  For five years the sisters have provided an environment to teach the farmers about organic farming through workshops, training seminars, and meetings. They have organic gardens, are raising organic animals, and teaching ecologically sustainable practices for forestry and fishing.  Many workshops are for two to three days and participants travel from far-flung barangays, staying where ever they can find shelter.  The sisters are building a simple, environmentally friendly bamboo structure with a cement base where participants can stay and learn.  The building will have a capacity for workshops, overnight housing, and indoor plumbing for 30 visitors at a time.  The building will be a place for learning while enjoying the tranquility of nature.  The building will also function as a center for women’s empowerment groups and Catholic catechesis.

Funds are Needed

The concrete floor has been poured and the structure has been built.  The roof of galvanized iron with nipa insulation is being added.  Additional funds are needed to complete the walls which will be a combination of concrete blocks and bamboo grills.  The center will then be finished with solar-powered panels and furnishings.

  • $4,000 will complete the walls
  • $4,000 will complete the interior design
  • $2,000 will purchase the furnishings and solar-powered panels

Goals and Objectives

  1. Complete the environmentally friendly building to house workshops

Immediate Charitable Response


Systemic Goal

Help rural farmers learn sustainable environmental practices while achieving sustainable development.


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