Ray of Hope Empowers Women – Guaiba, Brazil

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The Situation

In Guaiba, Brazil according to the official data, 32% of the resident population in the region have no income. In this situation of poverty, lack of development and a culture of submission, women are the people who suffer the most from oppression, discrimination and a history of dependency and exclusion. This socioeconomic context, combined with the lack of public services, characterizes the needs of this population.

The Sisters’Response

Empowerment allows women to seek productive inclusion and social reintegration, raising self-esteem and coping skills in situations of poverty and social vulnerability. Sr. Nilva Dal Ballo

The Sisters of St Joseph with the participation of volunteers and community leaders have played a significant role in promoting women’s rights in Guaiba and other near-by communities since 1987. Through the St. Joseph Beneficent Association founded and operated by the sisters they provide a gathering space for the development of human potential and the exercise of citizenship, especially for women. The sisters mobilize local leaders, coordinate with other entities and have dialogue with the government about human rights and needed services. The sisters’ projects create an opportunity for strengthening family and community ties, human development and training and preparation for work.

The impacts of this action are the social and economic advancement of women through learning productive activities, saving families and community ties through job training, in addition to rescuing self-esteem, overcoming prejudice and cultural submission. Sister Ângela Maria Ribas

Funds Are Needed

The sisters hope to offer weekly sessions to 60 women that will turn them into agents of influence in their community. This project will provide training workshops for inclusion, empowerment, access to and mastery of information technology and promotion of citizenship for women. The workshops have a dual strategy of empowering women to be leaders in their communities while also offering work training with sewing, production of handicraft items with recycled materials, and computer workshops.

Your donation will provide:
a staff person for the sessions for one year……………$2,250.00
Consumable materials……………………………………………$5,000.00
Training Course……………………………………………………$700.00

Goals and Objectives

Timeline: One year

Goal: Women have sustainable jobs and understand and advocate for their human rights.

Objective: Conduct one-year of weekly workshops for 60 women, addressing aspects of qualification for work, advocacy for rights and citizenship, and formation of a work cooperative to produce handicraft materials with recyclable materials.

Immediate Charitable Need


Systemic Goal

Reduce extreme poverty and social inequalities, and promote gender equality and the empowerment of women. Improve living conditions in poor neighborhoods, insure access to the labor market for women and their participation in the wider expectation of the promotion and defense of their rights in society.


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