Anti-trafficking Network, Central America

Funded Programs

The Situation

In El Salvador, children and adolescents are caught for commercial sexual exploitation, from the rural areas to the capital, ports and cities such as San Miguel and San Salvador. Salvadorans are enslaved for labor and sexual exploitation. Some end up in the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries of Central America. The situation of poverty in El Salvador, as in other countries of the region, means that around 50% of its population lives below the poverty line. Domestic violence is a problem that causes migration. Trafficking is also linked to migration.

Sister’s Response

Sisters from 6 different Congregations currently work in the RED RAMA network operating in Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica and headquartered in El Salvador. The fundamental work is to contribute to the awareness and prevention of this crime through talks, workshops, and public activities. Sisters also participate with other institutions to advocate and contribute to the creation of public policies to combat this crime and address the victims.

Funds Are Needed

2-Year Budget for FY19 and 20
Preparation and reproduction of informative material $700
Transportation and gasoline for workshops and meetings $400
Fees: two half-time sisters (200 dollars per month each) $3500
Travel expenses (speakers and others) $9600
Forums, reflection days, and other events $400
National and international communications $600
Unforeseen $200

TOTAL $17,400


Contribute to the visibility and prevention of trafficking in persons, especially girls, boys and women, through information and awareness. Defend, care for and protect human rights and the lives of people exposed to this scourge, often invisible, that affects Central American society.


Goal 1: Prevent the crime of human trafficking by informing and sensitize educators, parents-mothers, youth and other vulnerable groups about the crime of human trafficking.

Ten workshops each year, with coverage of at least 800 people (adolescents, youth and adults).
Specific annual activities on: Day of Prayer and Reflection against Trafficking in Persons (February 8) and the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons (July 30)


Goal 2: Actively participate in civil society, governmental and community organizations in reporting and eradicating crime.

Maintain active participation in the “Regional Observatory against Trafficking and Smuggling of Migrants” composed of civil society organizations and universities, and in the “Collective for human dignity fighting for the weakest” (Integrated by Caritas , Jesuit Network with migrants, Scalabrinian Missionaries, Guardianship for the human rights of the archbishopric and RED RAMÁ-El Salvador).
Carry out at least two press conferences and public statements on issues of trafficking in persons and migration, as part of the organizations to which we are linked


Goal 3: Continue strengthening the RAMÁ NETWORK against human trafficking for greater impact in the Region and with the NETWORKS of Latin America, the Commission against Trafficking in Persons of the CLAR and with the TALITHA KUM NETWORK, at an international level, of American Center,

Conduct an annual meeting and an annual program of joint actions of the countries that make up the RAMÁ Network, at a Central American level, in addition to quarterly meetings virtually
Strengthen the work in RED in particular of the networks of Latin America and of the other NETWORKS linked to Talitha KUM, through communication, dissemination and realization of actions


Goal 4 : Illuminate the problems and risks of irregular migration and participate in the reception and care of migrants deported from Mexico and the United States.

Each year illuminate the reality of migration and its link with trafficking in persons, through different activities such as: viacrucis del migrante pronouncements and press conferences.
A team of sisters supports three days a week the reception of migrants deported from Mexico and the United States, from the Center for the Reception of Returned Migrants, of the Directorate General of Migration and Aliens


Goal 5: Strengthen and expand the animating team of the NETWORK through the formation of sisters and lay people.

One formative workshop per year, for multipliers in which religious, lay and lay people participate
Each year at least 2 additional sisters or laypersons are integrated and committed to the work of the Network.



Support RED RAMA’s Central American Annual Meeting for 20 Sisters: May, 6-8, 2019
Food, Venue, Transportation, Materials: Total: $1500.


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