Late October, the Jesuit Retreat Center in Cleveland filled with Catholic Sisters from countries and congregations spanning the Western Hemisphere. These leaders working against human trafficking arrived from South American Countries to the far regions of Canada. They came to share details, routes, numbers, safe-houses, root causes, funding needs, best practices, communication tools, anything and everything needed to help tens of thousands of people on the move throughout the hemisphere. As everyone arrived, bright smiles and gestures easily translated greetings in French, Spanish Portuguese and English. But, once settled in the meeting room, translators worked hard to keep up; there was so much to share.

Sister Gabriella Bottani, CMS, the Director of Talitha Kum, a Sister-led global anti-trafficking organization, came from Rome, Italy. She initiated this historic gathering and invited the US Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking (UACSAHT) to pull it together. Enthusiastic reporters, foundations, and Sisters Rising Worldwide board members were invited as well.

Each anti-trafficking network had significant time to describe their reality. Two survivors shared their stories. The four days passed quickly.

Sisters concluded the meeting with a list of 7 common ideas needed to help reduce human trafficking. As the list appeared on the screen, we from Sisters Rising Worldwide in essence, saw our mission and vision statement nearly spelled out. Here is the list:

  1. Create a database of membership
  2. Share resources, i.e. information, best practices, and financial support
  3. Articulate collaboration among networks
  4. Concretize collaboration among networks
  5. Address root causes
  6. Research funding sources
  7. Focus one or more common actions

SRW’s vision and mission statements:

Vision: Empowering sisters worldwide to address root causes of injustice through innovative technology. Mission: Providing a technology platform for Sisters and their supporters to collaborate and network in order to address key critical issues of injustice.

GOAL: Decrease or eliminate trafficking of people

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