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Ukraine A Year Later


It has been over a year since Russia invaded Ukraine and the people of Ukraine still fight for their independence. Ukrainians try to live a normal life while Russian missiles and Iranian-made drones are hitting urban areas everywhere, destroying power grids and plunging cities into darkness.  A Russian missile killed 10 people shopping on Christmas Eve. Kids’ nightly prayers ask for light and water, basic needs that can be taken from them at any time. There is still such great uncertainty about how their lives will change in the year ahead however they are remarkably united around this idea that they are part of the West, embracing Western ideas of liberal democracy, and they are willing to suffer to realize this dream.

The Situation

Twenty-six Women Religious Congregations residing across Ukraine chose to stay in Ukraine through the Russian Invasion to help anyone in need.  Aware that they are in danger at all times, Sisters bravely provide transportation, shelter, food, medicine, clothing, generators, and in many places, continue children’s education as well.  Sisters Rising Worldwide is privileged to connect donor gifts toward these immediate needs through the loving hands of the Sisters on the ground.  Thank you for continuing your generous support toward the work of the Ukrainian Sisters.  

Funds Still Needed

To bring basic human necessities to those that may not be able to get life-sustaining supplies due to war and aerial bombardment in Ukraine.

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