Powerful Women Doing Powerful Work

Sisters are the largest movement of women for good the world has ever known. They work to help people of all faiths and race to flourish. Be a part of the movement for as little as $5/mo.

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CRISIS ALERT - Fighting a Cholera Epidemic in Haiti

A Global Impact

Sister-led programs have had a positive impact on the most vulnerable for over 400 years. With SRW support, they are able to reach more every year. Recently we...

  • Stopped 1600 rural women from being trafficked by training them in trades.
  • Converted a city infested with gang violence to a city of hope where the villagers do not need to flee their homes.
  • Empowered 500 women in micro-enterprises giving them the ability to be self-sustainable.
  • Improved educational experience for children from the slums.
  • Built structure to increase training of organic farming impacting over 15 rural towns.

Our Success Stories

Highlighted Programs

Powerful Women Doing Powerful Work

Mexico Immigration +1

#48 - Recycling Drop Off Center to provide jobs for migrants in Mexico

Employment is the key to stability for these refugees

Sr Esperanza Jacobo GOAL: $7,000
Sr Esperanza Jacobo
Kenya Uncategorized

#71- Provide Education for 800 Disadvantage Children

Innovative educational program helps disadvantaged students overcome the challenges that prevent completing an education.

Sr Margaret Mwarili GOAL $40,000
Sr Margaret Mwarili
India Education

#31 - Creating Alternative Teaching Environment in Assam Valley

Engage non-school attending and dropout students and prepare them to be re-enrolled in regular school.

Sr. Sherly Thomas GOAL: $24,109
Sr. Sherly Thomas
“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier”

- Mother Teresa

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Our team consists of people from all different backgrounds who share a passion for making the world a better place. They believe in SRW's values, goals, and mission to give people most in need the dignity to live a healthier life. Ambassadors receive tools to help them share SRW's message with friends and family and are the pipeline to finding new ways to spread the message that Sisters Rising Worldwide exists so ALL may flourish. We hope you will consider joining our Ambassador team.

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