About Sisters Rising Worldwide

Through an innovative technology platform, Sisters Rising Worldwide is a nonprofit making it possible for Sisters to overcome the challenges of geography, language and separate congregations in order to effectively share ideas and strategies that solve the root causes of injustices throughout the world.

With more than 700,000 Sisters doing life-changing work in 190 countries, this platform brings their projects to life, giving them the opportunity to communicate their needs, share their understandings, and allow others to join their mission by focusing donations and support directly to nuns who are on the ground in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

We believe that by building a social platform that better connects Sisters and their supporters, we will be able to provide funding and resources to those most in need–truly changing the world.

We invite you to join us on our mission to support powerful women doing powerful work.

“Sisters know the root cause of social injustices because they themselves live in the communities where the most vulnerable live. Understanding the root cause allows for true, systemic change to occur.” (Sister Irene O’Neil)



Empowering Sisters worldwide to address root causes of injustices through innovative technology.


Providing an innovative technology platform that allows Sisters and their supporters to collaborate and network in order to address critical issues of today.

                                               Technology Platform

There are two sites associated with our technology platform—a secure, private site for Sisters called Peace Room and a public website for supporters and donors called SRW.org.

Peace Room includes a database of members and gives them the opportunity to not only share resources and information, but to articulate and concretize collaboration among networks as they work to address root causes of systemic problems throughout the world.   Sisters seeking resources for their ministry can submit a resource request form which, once accepted by SRW, allows us to share their needs with others via our public site.

The public site is a crowdsourcing platform that invites others to be a part of the valuable work the Sisters are doing by donating to specific programs, categorized by type (i.e. human trafficking, education) as well as geography.  The objective of this site is to reach as many people as possible and move the Sisters’ work forward through their donations.


Bringing Awareness to Sisters’ Work

Sisters live in communities where the most vulnerable live; therefore, they know the root cause of social injustices and are able to lead systemic and sustainable change.  Although most consider Sisters to be some of the most trusted people in the world, few know about the work they are doing to address some of today’s most horrific injustices.

By bringing awareness to the impact Sisters are having around the world—and how a little bit of money can go a long way towards moving their projects forward—we are able to bridge an emotional connection between Sisters and donors, not only fulfilling their monetary needs, but creating a movement that helps powerful women do powerful work throughout the world.

Sisters Are Not Who the Public Things They Are…

There are 700,000 Sisters around the world, living their lives side by side with the people they serve. They often work without any parish backing or financial support from the Catholic Church, dedicating their lives advocating for the most marginalized among us.

They’re fierce advocates and they do it with so much love, respect, and humility. But, Sisters see success through those they advocate for – and not always through themselves. They often have a difficult time articulating exactly what they do, because they’re too in the weeds to see it. They don’t celebrate their own successes or measure their daily impact – there’s just too much else to do. As a result, funding that might profoundly amplify their work has remained elusive.

Sisters are trusted eye witnesses, skilled change agents, they work to eradicate human rights violations, they are teachers, organizers, philanthropists, care givers, knowledge workers, spiritual resources and Sisters are the most prolific movement of, for, and by women in history of the world.

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