Sisters' Programs Put Smiles On The Most Vulnerable

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Poland Immigration +1

CRISIS ALERT - Ukrainian Refugees and Orphans

Funds needed to help Sisters respond to and care for Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

Praying for Ukraine GOAL: $250,000
Praying for Ukraine
Mexico Immigration +1

#48 - Recycling Drop Off Center to provide jobs for migrants in Mexico

Employment is the key to stability for these refugees

Sr Esperanza Jacobo GOAL: $7,000
Sr Esperanza Jacobo
Kenya Uncategorized

#71- Provide Education for 800 Disadvantage Children

Innovative educational program helps disadvantaged students overcome the challenges that prevent completing an education.

Sr Margaret Mwarili GOAL $40,000
Sr Margaret Mwarili
Guyana Education

#60 - Education and Nutritional Support for Orphan Boys in Guyana

Overcoming neglect and abandonment through an intensive, holistic intervention that prepares children for independence.

Sr. Julie Matthews GOAL: $15,000
Sr. Julie Matthews
South Sudan Education

#49 - Training Qualified Teachers in South Sudan

Prevent rural children hit hardest by the Covid school closings gain the education needed to get them to grade level.

Sr. Joan Mumaw GOAL: $30,000
Sr. Joan Mumaw
Uganda Education +3

#45 - Vocational Training for Young Mothers in Uganda

Provide Skills Training to young vulnerable women who got pregnant during the two covid lockdowns

Sr. Clotilda Nalugwa GOAL: $27,714
Sr. Clotilda Nalugwa
United States Immigration

#29 - Provide Supplies and Support for Border Shelter

Support Border Compassion in providing supplies and outreach to Mexicali border shelter.

Sr. Suzanne Jabro GOAL: $15,000
Sr. Suzanne Jabro
India Education

#31 - Creating Alternative Teaching Environment in Assam Valley

Engage non-school attending and dropout students and prepare them to be re-enrolled in regular school.

Sr. Sherly Thomas GOAL: $24,109
Sr. Sherly Thomas