Sisters' Programs Put Smiles On The Most Vulnerable

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Poland Immigration +1

CRISIS ALERT - Ukrainian Refugees and Orphans

Funds needed to help Sisters respond to and care for Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

Praying for Ukraine GOAL: $190,000
Praying for Ukraine
Mexico Immigration +1

#48 - Recycling Drop Off Center to provide jobs for migrants in Mexico

Providing job opportunities to migrants fleeing violence that land in Mexico to help their transition into new communities

Sr Esperanza Jacobo GOAL: $7,000
Kenya Uncategorized

#44- Provide Education for 800 Disadvantage Children

Provide a proper environment for educating those children living in the slums

Sr Margaret Mwarili GOAL $40,000
Sr Margaret Mwarili
Guyana Education

#60 - Education and Nutritional Support for Orphan Boys in Guyana

Providing necessities and education for boys who have endured neglect in their young lives.

Sr. Julie Matthews GOAL: $15,000
Sr. Julie Matthews
South Sudan Education

#49 - Training Qualified Teachers in South Sudan

Prevent rural children hit hardest by the Covid school closings gain the education needed to get them to grade level.

Sr. Joan Mumaw GOAL: $30,000
Sr. Joan Mumaw
Uganda Education +2

#45 - Vocational Training for Young Mothers in Uganda

Provide Skills Training to young vulnerable women who got pregnant during the two covid lockdowns

Sr. Clotilda Nalugwa GOAL: $27,714
Sr. Clotilda Nalugwa
United States Immigration

#29 - Provide Supplies and Support for Border Shelter

Support Border Compassion in providing supplies and outreach to Mexicali border shelter.

Sr. Suzanne Jabro GOAL: $15,000
Sr. Suzanne Jabro
United States Immigration

#37 - Off-Road Vehicles to Rescue Lost Migrants

Help provide reliable off-road vehicles to rescue lost migrants.

Sr. Maria Louise Edwards GOAL $65,000
Sr. Maria Louise Edwards
India Education

#31 - Creating Alternative Teaching Environment in Assam Valley

Engage non-school attending and dropout students and prepare them to be re-enrolled in regular school.

Sr. Sherly Thomas GOAL: $24,109
Sr. Sherly Thomas
Senegal Education +1

#33 - Provide Safe Environment Where Girls Can Study and Prepare for the Future

Rebuild the wall which is a security for the girls of the hostel, and equip their study room with resources and tools.

Sr. Jackie GOAL: $17,270
United States Education

#27 - Divert Immigrant Teens from Joining Gangs

Train leaders to organize effective programming and help immigrant youth navigate acculturation into the U.S.

Sr. Rosario Bobadilla GOAL: $5,000
Sr. Rosario Bobadilla
United States Empowering Women

#4 - Supporting Hispanic Leaders Helping Migrants

Help Hispanic leaders to better respond to the needs of newly arrived immigrants in the St. Louis community

Sr. Rosario Bobadilla GOAL: $15,000
Sr. Rosario Bobadilla