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Computers Have Arrived in the Democratic Republic of the Congo!

We were so excited to get a note from Sister Suor Chiara letting us know that the first shipment of computers have arrived at their school. The school, which is located near the borders of Burundi and Rwanda, prepares young women to maximize their potential and prepare for careers.

From Sister Suor:

“I am translating with Google: I apologize for the inaccuracies and errors.

Given the precarious situation in Congo and in particular in Uvira, South-Kivu, where Sisters Rising Worldwide has financed a project for the Umoja High School, the Board of Directors of our association Missioni Sisters of St. Joseph, has decided to send your funding divided into 4 parts, so as not to risk losing everything if the bank does not work well.

On 8 August 2021, the first installment of 4500 euros was sent through the bank; after about a month the Sisters were able to get this sum from the bank and start carrying out the project. The first installment was used for the purchase of the note books.

We have already sent the second installment of 4500 euros on 22 September. As soon as the sisters receive [the second installment from the bank], they will continue with the execution of the project.

I have no other words but to say once again: THANK YOU!”

In addition to the computers, SRW funds have already been used to rebuild a fence that collapsed due to flooding so the supplies would be kept safe. Here are some pictures that Sister Suor has shared.

You can see the original program details by clicking here.

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