Program Updates, Success!

Fully Funded: Sisters’ Program to Empower the Poor Through Business and Skills Training

The generosity of kind donors has helped marginalized women break cycles of poverty and overcome systemic injustice through entrepreneurial empowerment.

The women in 30 rural Indian villages face crucial problems including systemic disempowerment, deadly human trafficking, heavy substance abuse, and severe poverty.

The Sisters of St. Joseph’s Social Service Center have been living and working in the villages of rural India for over 30 years to end cycles of social injustice plaguing local women. They rely on donations to give local women the tools to create a better life.

So far, over 500 women have formed community-based cooperatives that loan money among themselves to create, expand, and sustain small businesses.

Our donors have made it possible for Sisters Rising Worldwide to expand this program to reach 15 additional villages. 

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