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Fully Funded: Sisters’ Program to Empower Women to Overcome Poverty With Trade Skill

Your donations helped empower women to overcome poverty through trade skill training.

Higher education is a distant dream for migrated children living in the slums of Odisha, India. Young women in the Odisha slums are often deprived of learning and earning opportunities making them extremely vulnerable to human trafficking, severe poverty, and gender discrimination.

Many youths migrate to other states to earn their living, but with no employable skills, the youth are often abused and paid poorly.

The St. Joseph Seva Sadnan Community College was established by the Sisters of St. Joseph in 2008. Their goal has always been to empower women to overcome their circumstances through skills training.

But our donors helped change that. Thanks to their generosity, SRW can continue their good work, maintain the urban training facilities, and support the sustainability of the skills training program.

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