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Fully Funded: Sisters’ Program to Provide Quality Education That Promotes Gender Equality

The Sisters of the Holy Cross opened a school in the rural Bhadun, Gazipur District in Bangledesh back in 2015.  The school, which is open to children of garment workers, day laborers, and farmers, not only provides quality education for those in the lowest socio-economic level, but it welcomes students from all religions and works to intentionally create an atmosphere for girls and boys to value and respect one another. 

Promoting gender equality at such a young age is so important. Violence against women and relgious differences will decrease as the school graduates future leaders who will acknowledge and value contributions from both women and men.  And, thanks to SRW donations, the Sisters’ gender equality initiatives are becoming even more powerful. 

SRW funds are being used to build a larger school to accommodate 2,000-3,000 students each year.  The Holy Cross Sisters have donated their land near the convent for the school and people of the area are supporting the maintenance and staffing for the school once it is built.  In addition to being able to serve more students, the Sisters will also be able to expand their efforts to provide innovative seminars and counseling programs for parents, assisting them at home in understanding and implementing the core principles of gender equality, non-violence against women, and respect for all human persons–all counter cultural in Bangladesh. 

Thank you for your continued support of the powerful work Sisters are doing around the world!  

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