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Funding Needed to Support Vital Humanitarian Efforts in Haiti

The Problem:

Since the summer of 2018 Haiti has been in a severe political crisis with the situation spiraling downward from day to day. Charitable organizations can no longer assist due to the widespread danger and violence in Haiti. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and the extremity of its poverty has gravely deepened during these years of gang violence. Haiti’s ongoing crisis of widespread gang warfare has paralyzed Haitian society and made impossible the movement and distribution of food, fuel, and services. All Haitian hospitals are virtually shut down. The Sisters are very much on their own in their efforts to keep people safe from cholera and to treat those who become sick. 

Emergency Impact:

Led by the Sisters (Companions of Jesus), safety protocols and any necessary treatment will be made available to 500 students and staff, 45 elderly women who are cared for at the Village of Jesus, and 15 people who live and work at Bethleem Farm in Leogane.

Our Response Plan:

Sisters Rising Worldwide is raising $10,000 in funding that will be used to help provide clean and safe drinking water during this cholera crisis. It will also be used for obtaining cleaning supplies, medications, and food supplies for the community in Leogane.

Leogane is approximately 20 miles west of Port au Prince. In good times the drive takes approximately 2 and ½ hours. Now travel between Port au Prince and Leogane is virtually impossible because, as is the case throughout Haiti, the route is a war zone.  

We need your support to bring basic human necessities to those that cannot get basic essentials due to extreme violence in their communities.

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