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Give a Little, Help a Lot: COVID-19 Relief in Assam, India

A little generosity goes a long way…

The Problem:

Hospitals in Srikona, Assam, operate on very small budgets. They are able to provide medication for patients being treated for COVID-19, but these facilities do not provide food. Frequent natural disasters also make it difficult to give or receive adequate care in this region. 

The Solution:

A $625 donation made it possible for the Sisters of St. Joseph’s Community Center to provide the community’s most vulnerable COVID patients – disabled, pregnant, elderly, widowed, and children –  with nutritious meals, clean drinking water, and comfortable beds.

The Impact:

A $625 donation helped save 595 lives.

The money was used to care for COVID patients at First Line Treatment Center, transfer them to better hospitals, provide them with food, and ensure access to clean water.

You can join the movement by becoming a monthly donor. Even the smallest donation can make the biggest impact.

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

– Mathew 18:20

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