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Helping Sisters Stop COVID-19

During a time when it seems our news feeds are filled with bad news, it is so refreshing to receive word that good work is happening even in the midst of chaos.

Annie Nolte-Henning, an Alight project manager for The Color Movement, a  joint project with Sisters Rising Worldwide, just returned from El Salvador and witnessed firsthand how the Sisters are responding to COVID-19 in their community.

While some of the programs have halted and services have shut down, Sisters working in El Salvador have taken to the streets, as always, serving the people in their community and helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.

They continue their lifesaving efforts providing clean water and health care. But right now, they need support and basic protection to allow them to continue to serve as safely as possible and educate and assist the people of the communities to minimize the number of cases.

Sisters Rising Worldwide + Alight are raising $30,000 to support the Salvadoran Sisters as they respond to their communities.  If you are able to support the Sisters during this critical time in history, you can click here to make a donation—please write El Salvador in the reference area. Even just $10 would help make a difference.

Through the hands of the Sisters, we can slow the spread of this disease. But we need to act now.  Please consider making even the smallest of donations to help their efforts.

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