Once again, Sisters Rising Worldwide and Alight hosted Zoom calls with Sisters in Uganda and Nairobi.

Here, is a picture of their conversation with the Sisters and lay people working in Uganda.  “It was such a big group we could never really get a good picture of everyone,” said Sister Irene.  The group discussed the challenges Sisters face when trying to suppor the communities and spaces where they work while also keeping themselves safe. “We want to protect our community, but know we need to protect ourselves as well.”


Next on a call was Sister Ruth from Kariobangi, an area in Nairobi, Kenya. Sister Ruth is a nurse and runs a dispensary in an impoverished area. They had a conversation on how we can support keeping her and the dispensary staff safe as the virus spreads through Nairobi. No confirmed cases yet in her area–sending prayers for that!


Sisters Rising Worldwide and Alight are having these conversations each day, finding solutions for Sisters throughout the world who are helping vulnerable communities fight against COVID-19. If you would like to make a donation towards our efforts, please click here and mark COVID-19 in the notes.  Thank you!


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