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New Technology Platform Connects Sisters around the World

Sisters Rising Worldwide (SRW) has designed and developed a technology platform, The Peace Room, that is now being distributed to Sisters in 187 countries. The platform is a game-changer for it allows Sisters to connect with one another and work closely together to cast a more significant web over social injustices.

The Peace Room is a private, secure site that allows Sisters the opportunity to share best practices, immediate crisis concerns (i.e. COVID), and request what resources and funding their ministries may need. “This platform is a central depository of information and makes the powerful work of the Sisters more visible,” says Sister Irene O’Neill, founder of SRW. “It is a hub that enables live communication between Sisters around the world as well as allows Sisters to describe their work, send requests for resources, and share impact. It’s like building a library where the Sisters can read about others’ work and talk about issues of concern and importance.”

Sisters seeking resources for their ministry can submit a request via The Peace Room, sharing information about their specific project, its objectives and overall impact. Once a submitted request has been approved by SRW, the request—along with photos—is moved to the public website ( where crowdsourcing begins. “The objective of crowdsourcing is to reach as many people as possible and invite them to help move the Sisters’ work forward through their online donation,” adds O’Neill. “It is our hope that the local impact of Sisters’ work will emerge into a global reality of hope and compassion.”

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