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Nigerian Vertical Garden Update

We just received an update from Sister Florence regarding the progress of the Nigerian vertical gardens, a recently full-funded SRW program. Here is her letter:

Greetings from Benin City, Nigeria. 

I present to you the report of our meeting on Thursday, July 29, 2021. The youth in this project were available for our meeting followed by planting. 

We started the day with our usual meeting. After the meeting we all went outside to start work on the garden. We filled the equipment with soil mixed with manure and planted a few vegetables – okra, onions already sprouted in nursery, groundnut, local pepper and tomatoes. For nearly three weeks now we have been experiencing drought with no rain. So some of the youth suggested that we plant only inside three of the equipment; then fill the rest with soil, schedule another meeting in a week’s time or so to see if it will rain. I told them whether it rains or not we can always water the vegetables. Also, I told them I will plant even during the dry season. However, we had to obey the majority and rescheduled another meeting to see if it will rain. For vegetable seeds in packet we bought from Jos, we want to plant them when it rains, we do not want to risk planting them in this drought in the midst of raining season in the country. 

We planned the exercise to fall within the week that the United Nations was marking Human Trafficking Week. It was very interesting seeing how the garden engaged those youths in a more constructive way as they were all involved and busy. Some were mixing and filling soil, some fetching water and watering with watering can, some planting and others giving the seeds for planting. It was very interesting. An engaged mind will not be available to be trafficked or start thinking of traveling out of the country without necessary documents.

Note that some of them already carried their equipment home for use. Those who are afraid of the equipment being stolen left theirs in our premises. They come to attend to the garden.

Below are some pictures from the meeting.

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