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Program to Support Survivors of Domestic Abuse in Argentina Has Been Fully Funded

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which makes this announcement even more meaningful: the SRW program to provide professional support for survivors of domestic abuse in Argentina has been fully funded! 

According to UN reports, thousands of women in Argentina suffer from the daily torments of violence. Eight out of 10 reported abuse by their current or former partners. 

Domestic violence is one of the most devastating and prevalent problems in Argentina. The government does not have a federal registry that tracks domestic violence, so it is hard to quantify the serious prevalence of this problem.”  

Sister Rita Bosch

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Buenos Aires have made it their mission to serve women and children at risk of and experiencing domestic violence in Argentina. Partnering with volunteers and governmental services, the Sisters offer support to survivors of domestic abuse while also staying focused on underlying systemic issues that could prevent abuse from even happening. 

Thanks to SRW donors, the Sisters are now able to run three programs that help them with their mission:

  1. Trancos del Talar provides personalized counseling and escorts to government services. Escorts are necessary to assist the women in advocating for themselves and their families. They stay at each woman’s side to provide them with security and support, especially when they file the complaint and at the Commissioner’s Office for Women, the Prosecutor’s Office, and Family Court.
  2. Friends of Jesus provides children with services. There is a lot of violence because of abuse, lack of family affection, serious learning problems, and dropping out of school. The Sisters are involved in training and supporting the volunteers and accompanying volunteers on visits. 
  3. Red Kawsay (The Kawsay Network) provides four schools, neighborhood centers, and youth groups with abuse prevention services. Particular emphasis is placed on preparing Catholic Church groups and Diocesan priests to identify potential abuse and make appropriate referrals.

$11,000 will be used to hire psychologists for Trancos del Talar, add an educational psychologist for Friends of Jesus and hire a social worker for the Red Kawsay program.  

By increasing available professional services and expanding programs, the Sisters are well on their way to decreasing violence against women and children in the greater Buenos Aires area by 40% over the next ten years

Although this program has been fully funded, many other programs are still in need of your help. Click here to see how you can be a part of the life-changing work the Sisters are doing throughout the world. 

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