We Shocked Sister Kathleen Coll: Sisters’ Program to Assist Survivors of Human Trafficking Is Fully Funded

Since 2009, Dawn’s Place has been a pioneer in offering a safe and caring residential setting for survivors of human trafficking. Thanks to SRW donors, they are now able to hire a part-time social worker to help women transition from Dawn’s Place to independent living. 

Located in the United States, Dawn’s Place provides a safe, non-judgmental environment where women survivors develop a recovery plan. Moving through the program in phases designed to methodically and simultaneously increase responsibility for themselves, their future, and the community, they can build a sense of freedom and empowerment. For these women, recovery is a struggle. “We have had good women who have left us as a success and then fell and are coming back to aftercare,” says Sister Kathleen Coll, executive director of Dawn’s Place. “It’s frustrating for them because they try so hard. We are working to put things in place to help them.”

To give women survivors time to truly heal and successfully return to society, women who complete the residential program are offered up to six months of additional housing in their transition house if needed. And all graduates have access to their Aftercare Program, where women can continue to get the support and services they need to become independent. Help during this transitional time is critical. “Women try to get a job, but they can’t because they have a record. Or if they can, they can only get part-time work,” says Sister Kathleen. “They try to keep an apartment, and some of them attempt to get their children back. As soon as they get out of the program, they want all of this at the same time. And all of a sudden, they fall back.” 

Thanks to the support from SRW donors, Dawn’s Place is now able to hire a part-time social worker to help women transition into independent living successfully. “I’m always saying to folks, we do not get government funding. We exist on donations, appeals, and foundations. We struggle financially, but it’s an important struggle.” 

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