Program Updates, Success!

Program Update: Helping Nigerian Youth Feed Their Country through Vertical Gardens

We have received word from Sister Florence that work has begun on building the vertical gardens! “Greetings from Benin City, Nigeria. I went today to check on the welder working on the equipment for the garden,” writes Sister Florence. “He is doing well with the construction, but I made some corrections which led to his dismantling what he already welded together in order to effect the corrections. What he is making is the first one that will guide his workers so that they can begin to produce the equipment for our use.

In addition to building the containers, Sister Florence has been meeting with the youth who will be involved in the project. “This form of gardening and planting is completely novel to them and indeed to us all. They were able to browse it on their smart phones and it started making some sense to them gradually. I told them that they too should explore more avenues to make it popular and do more planting using this system. At the end, they were excited with the project.”

Below are some of the latest pictures from the project. Click here to read more about this fully-funded project.

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