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#121 – Equipping Violence-Affected Manipur Youth with Skills for a Resilient Future

Summary of the Situation

Manipur is facing the worst time in the history. More than 100 days of religiously and politically motivated violence and war are destroying the lives of 1000s of people. Many have lost their lives, women mistreated, people killed and burned alive, and people have lost their livelihoods, houses, and dignity.

Economic Empowerment: Providing skill training and job placement opportunities empowers the youth to become financially self-reliant. It helps them break free from poverty and dependence, reducing their vulnerability to recruitment by extremist groups or involvement in illegal activities due to economic desperation.

Social Integration: Violence-affected youth often face social exclusion and marginalization. Access to skill training and subsequent employment can help them reintegrate into mainstream society, regain their self-worth, and build positive community relationships.

Alternative to Violence: A lack of meaningful opportunities can push young people towards violence as a means of expression or gaining power and recognition. Skill training and job placement offer them a peaceful and constructive path to channel their energy and aspirations, reducing the likelihood of engagement in violent activities.
Psychological Healing: Violence can lead to significant psychological trauma. Engaging in skill training and employment provides a sense of purpose, routine, and accomplishment, aiding healing and promoting mental well-being.

Skill Development: Equipping youth with relevant skills enhances their employability. This increases their chances of getting hired and allows them to contribute effectively to the workforce and the local economy.

How will the funds be used?

Food for 25 students @ $1.75 a day
Fees and study materials for 25 students at $30/year
One teacher salary at $408/month
Training support = $1,000

The Sisters’s┬áResponse

The program aims to empower the youth with marketable skills to provide them with job opportunities. This will help them to think broadly, stand up for justice, and support their families that have lost all they have earned.

Systemic Impact

Politically and religiously biased violence affects people in Manipur, one of India’s Northeastern states. Girls are exploited, misused, and abused. Some women have been stripped naked and paraded, and others have been burned alive after abuse. Youths are getting involved with violence and frontline fighting. Many are migrating to escape the violence with minimal resources. The sisters find the youth living in a very pathetic condition. A recent trip to Manipur was heartbreaking.

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