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#141 – Ukraine: Providing Electricity

Summary of the Situation

Our Salvatorian Sisters are able to send funds to religious sisters in Ukraine so that they can buy generators to help families who have lost electrical power due to drones that have bombed their homes, shops, churches, etc. any citizens are getting tired and losing hope as the war drags on. Youth are committing suicide, and many people have lost everything. Sister Noemi said: “Tonight, we had one of the most giant rocket and drone attacks in Ukraine! Kharkiv and surrounding areas are without electricity, and Zaporozhe is partially paralyzed.

How will the funds be used?

To buy a variety of generators:
A hospital-sized generator is $6,000
A small generator of 5 kW is $700
For one family (3.5kW) is $500

The Sisters’s┬áResponse

Bringing awareness to the current situation in Ukraine so others understand the urgent need that the innocent people of Ukraine need.

Systemic Impact

The invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces has led to a prolonged and agonizing war. The U.S. Government is stalled in sending military aid. Ukrainian people suffer loss of heat, light, and electricity due to drone bombs that fly over Ukraine daily.

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