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#48 – Recycling Drop Off Center to provide jobs for migrants in Mexico

The Situation

Driven by violence, insecurity, and a lack of economic opportunity, Central American migration to the United States has increased in the last four years. Those who have failed to reach the United States have settled for a permanent home in Mexico. One of the biggest challenges for these migrants is to find the opportunity for a dignified job in the formal economy. Young adults with low levels of education and poor skill sets are most in need of meaningful work. They have limited access to housing, health, education, and transportation. These factors make it difficult for them to integrate into a community and leave migrants vulnerable to forced recruitment by organized crime. This Recycling Drop-Off program, as part of a larger community effort, addresses the root causes of migration, homelessness, unemployment, and violence in our Monterrey community.

Sisters’ Response

The sisters have proposed the creation of a Recycling Drop-off Center. This center will provide a dignified job opportunity and the integration of migrants into the community. The recycling center will serve as a facility operated for storing, buying, or selling recyclables. It will have a dual impact on both the migrant community and the environment. The center will encourage participation: Implementing local recycling solutions can help communities develop communication and motivate local participation. The sisters will oversee the recycling drop-off programs to ensure compliance with community ordinances. They will keep and review recycling records of materials received or sent to processing companies and coordinate the roles of the workers.

Funds Needed


How Will the Funds Be Used

The funds will be used to establish and begin operations at the Center. It will also be used to train the migrants who will be working at the center on the procedures necessary for sorting, storing, buying, and selling recycled material.

Systemic Impact

Help the refugee community resettle in this community in Mexico by providing employment that will allow them to obtain stable employment, education, housing, and healthcare.

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