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#72 – Ten scholarships for ten women


The campaign addresses the systemic issues of gender inequality and discrimination as well as literacy in South Sudan. This campaign will give ten qualified young women the opportunity to:

• obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Education;

• be educationally prepared to take part in decision-making in society; and

• to take part in social development programs aimed at transforming society.


Solidarity with South Sudan has operated the Solidarity Teacher Training College (STTC) in Yambio since 2013. A two-year residential pre-service program is held from January to November. At the end of these programs, teachers are nationally certified to teach in state schools. Over 500 teachers have been certified through the pre-service and in-service programs conducted by Solidarity. This program prepares its graduates to advance to bachelor’s degree programs. The creation of the Yambio campus of the Catholic University of South Sudan is a response to the unequal university opportunity for young women. The campus brings university education closer than ever before in the life and history of the people of South Sudan. It provides an affordable university opportunity to those who cannot afford the high costs involved in pursuing a university education in Juba and other places. Students around Yambio can commute from their homes to the university while hostel facilities are being constructed for those who will come from distant places in the region and country. The University is located near the Solidarity Teacher Training College in Yambio. The women religious who administer and teach at STTC, along with other faculty members, have the opportunity to select ten female STTC graduates to apply for ten scholarships at the Catholic University of South Sudan Yambio campus.




To award ten young women scholarships to allow them to receive their Bachelor’s degree from the Catholic University of South Sudan – Yambio Campus.


Women so often have their education limited. With scholarships like the above, women can live a better life and not fall victim to so many injustices.

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