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#73 – Improve rural healthcare in Tanzania

The Situation

In 2006 the Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy opened a dispensary to meet the needs of the people in the village of Dumila, Tanzania, and the surrounding areas. It has proved very successful and saves people from having to travel longer distances for health care. The work of the dispensary has consistently shown a reduction in the number of children dying from malaria. Adult mortality resulting from pulmonary weaknesses and debilitation has also declined. The Sister recognize the need to expand their services to increase the access of patients, mainly women, to improved healthcare in the rural area of Dumila and the surrounding villages.

Sisters’ Response

Every day they serve 15-20 women who are in labor; 3-4 women a day require a Ceasarian section. The Dispensary staff could serve the people even better if they had new equipment, such as Ultrasound and a biochemisty analyser. This would enable them to treat the people from the village right there rather than having to send them long distances for more extensive diagnosis and treatment which can be fatal

Funds Needed


How Funds Will be Used

Funds will be used to purchase an Ultrasound and a biochemistry analyzer for the Dumila Dispensary, vastly improving their ability to diagnosis and treat many more conditions locally.

Systemic Impact

People in the rural areas of Tanzania can live longer and healthier with proper healthcare.

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