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#75 – A Home for Women Survivors Seeking Safety, Dignity, and Healing


Women across the world suffer violence, torture, trauma, and trafficking. In order to save their lives, many must escape their home and sometimes country. Those from around the world who make it to the St. Paul Minneapolis metropolitan area, are often educated, perhaps well positioned, and able to speak several languages—English often not one of them. They are courageous, vulnerable, traumatized, and arrive on our doorstep, homeless.


In 1996, the Sisters of St. Joseph converted their 30-bedroom convent into a home for immigrant women and renamed it, Sarah’s: an Oasis for Women. Sarah’s is unique in that it offers long-term housing to women in need, with an average stay of three years. It is dedicated to the safety and dignity of a diverse community of women who have survived violence, abuse, torture, war, discrimination, trauma, and trafficking. Sarah’s provides a safe and dignified home, provides a warm bed, nutritious food, educational opportunities, transportation, and other essentials necessary for the women of Sarah’s to rebuild their lives. Currently, Sarah’s is home to twenty-six women pursuing degrees, working, volunteering, and seeking opportunities. On average, ten women move on and ten residents move in each year.




Scholarship grants will be used to cover tuition, books, supplies, and fees for each woman desiring to further her education.


Meeting the needs of women who have survived traumatic conditions allows them to rebuild their lives and flourish.

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