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#98 – Renovation of Saint Albert’s nursery school and sponsorship for 10 vulnerable poor children.

Summary of the Situation

Saint Albert’s Nursery School is the first in the Upper River Region of The Gambia. It aims to foster education for the little ones and to protect them from various issues like child abuse from the people who are addicted to alcohol which is sold in the compound by the children’s parents, relatives, or tenants.
Some parents are businessmen and women who sell their goods at the local market close to the nursery school. The parents spend the whole day in the market; soon after school, the children join their parents at the market.
Most of the children who are in the nursery school are either from parents who run a business or are civil servants, and others are from very poor families who earn their living by selling alcohol (strong local alcohol, beer, and palm wine ) to their customers at any time and every day; some of the children’s parents (mothers mostly) do the laundry of well to do families or work as house maids. The children face immoral behaviors, and abuse because most of the time they are left on their own to mind the house, to wander in the streets, or to the neighbor’s house till late in the afternoon or in the evening.

How will the funds be used?

The funds will be used to rebuild the wall, build latrines, renovate the shed where the children sit to have their lunch break, purchase equipment for the playground, and sponsor 10 girls who are from poor families.

The Sisters’ Response

To protect the children, the sisters started a nursery school for the education of young children, to give them a safe and secure environment while their parents are at work and where they can play with other children in the presence of adults. Since its beginnings, the school has not been renovated (except for the repainting of the outside wall) due to the lack of funds. The school fee is based on the parents’ income; children pay 10 dollars per term. Every child’s situation is different. So we manage the school fees and the little we get from the sale of popcorn and bread (because some children come to school without having breakfast) at break time to raise the needed funds to pay the teachers and the caretaker.
The renovation includes the flooring, ceiling, latrines, and the wall to be rebuilt. The playground is almost empty and the school would like to purchase equipment for the children to play during break time, and a TV to show them valuable videos about health and hygiene.

Systemic Impact

Lack of education, poverty, and injustice. Most of the children can’t afford to pay 10 dollars per term because their parents are poor. Supporting these children will help their families to come out of poverty and break the chain.

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