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Crisis: Emergency Care and Support to Flood Victims in Barack Valley

The destruction took place from the 14th to the 17th of April 2022 during the night. There was heavy rain and strong winds that caused the destruction of 154 houses that were completely damaged and another 64 houses were partly damaged, and things like food, materials, clothes, books, etc were damaged due to the heavy and continuous rain that lasted for three days. The people were trying their best to adjust to the situation and many had to take shelter in their relative’s houses and Government schools. The basic needs are at threat. There was no electricity after the strong wind due to the fallen trees on the electricity lines. There were power cuts and many villages are still in darkness due to the damage caused to the electricity poles and lines.
The people are experiencing a phobia and insecure feelings and are overwhelmed with what needs to take place to rebuild their homes.

They are seeking $10,000 to help with some basic needs and tin sheets to rebuild shelters

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