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6. Tacna Peru – Intensifying School Supports for Struggling Youth

Provide psychological support for students struggling at a school in the slums of Peru

The Situation

In Tacna, Peru, children often need to work to support their families, so it is a big financial sacrifice for families when children attend school. Tacna is a city of 400,000, where about 1,000 youth attend the Fe & Allegra (Faith and Joy) school.

“Home situations are awful among our students. Alcoholism is rampant, kids are sent out to work. Everyone is just trying to survive. One mother was beaten to death by her boyfriend. Child abuse and domestic violence are common. Many single moms who work overnight have no options but to leave their kids alone.” —Sr. Sally Harper

Sisters’ Response

The Sisters of St. Joseph run the Fe & Allegra school, where destitute parents know their children are learning valuable skills — not only academics but skills in agriculture, computers, carpentry, electronics, sewing and more. They graduate with a profession.

“Recently, we have added two-part time psychologists who accompany the children and high schoolers. With their help, the students are much more tranquil and have increased academic achievement.” —Sr. Sally Harper

Funds Needed: $10,000

How funds will be used:

$10,000 a year will pay the salary for a full-time psychologist to work at the school. The goal is to increase the two psychologists’ involvement from part-time to full-time. This will increase home visits and provide more group and individual sessions. 

Systemic Impact

This year the school celebrates its 30th anniversary and is using the theme, “The year of the pearl that transforms a grain of sand into a beautiful gem.” In addition to the counseling for students and families and support for faculty, our team of psychologists is planning ways to focus on the process of transformation — how to help the students to bring about real change in their lives, in their heads and their hearts, so that they may live happier and healthier lives.

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