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3: Guardian Angels Center Providing Support Services to People with Disabilities

Help provide services for impoverished people with disabilities, especially when government funds are not available

The Situation

In El Florón, Ecuador, has been an invasion neighborhood for over 30 years. An “invasion” is a neighborhood often left to squatters who slowly organize communities without the government’s knowledge or permission. In El Floron, people with disabilities do not receive consistent, basic, life-saving care or rehabilitation from the government. Providers have struggled for years to provide services due to sporadic and incomplete government funding.

Sisters’ Response

The Sisters of the Ángel de la Guarda Therapeutic Center provide services to more than 175 children, young people, adults, and the elderly with different capabilities. Services include physical therapy, language therapy, occupational therapy, psychology assistance, and educational workshops. For those unable to attend the Center, home-based care, such as from a physical therapist, is offered.

Funds Needed: $65,000

How funds will be used:

  • Workers’ salaries (monthly amount in salaries is up to $5,000; yearly is near to $60,000)
  • Supplies such as medication, diapers and formula

Last year Ángel de la Guarda Therapeutic Center received only 3 months of funding from the government to pay the salaries of workers for the entire year. This year they have received nothing from the government.  The greatest need is funding for the payment of workers’ salaries (Therapists, Psychologists, Monitors, Coordination).

They also support people with disabilities with medicines, diapers, and milk formulas.

Systemic Impact

Maintain consistent, high-quality services for residents and their families

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