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Odisha – Providing Supplies and Scholarships for Ravaged Community (K-12) year 1

A school that serves children of all castes, religions, and colors, creating harmony where there once was violence

The Situation

In 2008, anti-Christian violence reduced the Sankarakhol mission to ashes. By 2011 the Sisters began the slow process of rebuilding and today Sankarakhol boasts an “English Medium Convent School” where people across religions, castes, and cultures can receive a high-quality education. 

False accusation of proselytization by missionaries has been used to keep the society divided for the economic, political, and social advantages of a few.

Sisters’ Response

The Sisters and their donors founded the St. Joseph English Medium School, which brought reconciliation among communities and re-established peaceful coexistence through cooperation, community building and collaboration among the people.

Today, Sankarakhol can boast of a school where people from all religions, castes and cultures can avail high-quality education. 

“Once we walked on these streets with fear of ridicule and sarcasm but today, we walk proudly being greeted by the same people and with dignity.” 

Funds Needed: $56,560

How funds will be used:

Boarding of students

School equipment including slides, seesaw, merry-go-round, and swing

Science lab equipment and glass shelves

Library books and bookshelves

Self Health group for the kids struggling

Tuition for 50 kids at $500 per student

Systemic Impact

Children of diverse backgrounds respect each other and work together in harmony.

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