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21: Watts LA – Life Skill Learning Center for Primarily Spanish-Speaking Women and Men

Provide computers and classroom supplies for life skills learning center for immigrants

The Situation

In 1999, two Presentation Sisters moved into a neighborhood in Watts and asked the residents what services they needed. The neighbors shared their hopes to learn English, computer skills, and to become U.S. citizens.

Sisters’ Response

Presentation Sisters Learning Center opened in 2000, creating a caring community where adults, many of whom are immigrants transitioning into a new culture, can increase literacy, prepare for employment or advance to better jobs. 

The Center offers classes in English, U.S. History and citizenship preparation, computer skills, GED prep, Zumba, tai-chi, parenting skills, nutrition, crafts, sewing, prayer and scripture. Babysitting is also offered while parents attend class.

Now in its sixteenth year, Presntation Sisters Learning Center boasts 1,500 U.S. citizens and hundreds of adults who have completed various levels of study. But, it is much more than an adult learning center. It is a welcoming community that reaches out across the boundaries of language, race, and socio-economic status; welcoming the immigrant, empowering the powerless and bringing those on the margins and center together.

Funds Needed: $35,690

How funds will be used:

  • 14 Desktop and Monitor Bundles @ $500 each, $10,000 total
  • • 20 Laptops, (14 for class use, 6 reserved for GED) @ $500 each, $7000 total
  • • Microsoft Programs @ $75 each, 34 devices → $2,550 total
  • • 10 tablets for teacher use @ $200 each, $2000 total
  • • 7 Wireless Projector for Each Classroom @ $650 each, $4,550
  • • Installation of Projectors @ $300-500 estimated
  • • Updated Business Wifi @ $840/year @
  • • 210 Textbooks for ESL and GED @ about $25 each, $5,250 total
  • • 120 Workbooks @ about $25 each, $3,000

Systemic Impact

Empower and liberate the poor, especially through education.

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21: Watts LA – Life Skill Learning Center for Primarily Spanish-Speaking Women and Men
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