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28. Expand Successful Training Programs to Prevent Girls from Being Trafficked

Offering young girls the opportunity to become proficient in English and having working knowledge of computers

The Situation

Poverty drives youth from their rural Indian village of Raidihi to big cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Goa. Nearly one-third of them earn subsistence wages in unskilled work, leaving them poor and without hope of advancement. Girls are most vulnerable to sexual abuse while working as domestic servants. Some are tricked into sexual trafficking and vanish. Bereft families are left without a trace or the ability to search for them.

To pull out of poverty, two essential skills are needed: 1) proficiency in English and, 2) a working knowledge of the computer. Offering these skills to young girls enables them to seek and find positions in government or the private sector.

Sisters Response

The Sisters have run a successful program that for the past 10 years has prepared girls for employment as tailors. The program provides skills training in sewing, embroidery, knitting and hand works. 

The program also emphasizes small business skills and encourages the importance of saving. The sisters would now like to add computer literacy to the program.

The Sisters also want to expand the program beyond youth to include adult women and men. Men will learn a trade to support their families, and the program will also include lessons on the equal rights of women and healthy family life to eliminate prevalent domestic violence.

Funds Needed: $8,650

How funds will be used:

  • $1,470: technical instructor
  • $4,320: computers
  • $1,040: building maintenance and electricity costs
  • $1,820: program coordinator and administrative expenses

Goals and Objectives:

Timeline: 10 years

Goal 1: Reduce trafficking of young women
ObjectivesTeach young girls to proficiency in English ,Teach young girls a working knowledge of the computer.Prepare young girls for employment as tailors.Help the young women take positive steps in personal growthTeach the importance of the empowerment of women and women’s equal rights to economic resources.

Goal 2: Eliminate domestic violence
ObjectivesExpand the young girls program to include adult women and men.Teach Men a trade to support their families.Teach men lessons on equal rights of women and healthy family life

Goal 3: Expand facilities to 16 nearby villages over 10 years
ObjectivesPlan how to reach out to youth in 16 nearby villages.Determine funding for the expansion.

Systemic Goal

When employed, youth choose stay in their tribal regions and contribute to the raising up of the next generation. Young women are safe and employed in their own villages.

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