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19. Supporting Villagers’ Entrepreneurial Ventures with Training and Seed Money

Provide funds for a community center to provide vocational training and help with start-up funds for entrepreneurial ventures

The Situation

In this war-torn, impoverished Catholic parish, education, vocational training, and empowerment for Indigenous families is needed.

Sisters’ Response

Sisters provide skills training to enable the Indigenous families to support themselves and to reach out and train other families in what they have learned. Producing and selling their own native crafts is one of the goals.

Care for the earth has been an important cultural practice for this community. Together, members of the local community plan ways to engage in sustainable environmental practices. 

It also offers the Christian majority a greater awareness and appreciation for their Indigenous neighbors in order to lessen, if not totally eradicate prejudices against them. 

Funds Needed: 15,000

How funds will be used:

  • Repair the Community Center 
  • Equipment for vocational training
  • Seed money for villagers’ entrepreneurial ventures

25 indigenous women and men, 25 youth, and 30 children will be served by this program. This program will be expanded as the Sisters are able to afford resources for training including equipment and needed improvements to the classroom.

Systemic Impact:

“As we continue the journey with these Indigenous People, we deeply felt that education leading to empowerment is vital. —Sr. Letecia De Los Santos

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