Reducing Domestic Violence in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Domestic Violence

The Situation

Domestic Violence is one of the most devastating and prevalent problems in Argentina where society, the media, and several institutions still allows a patriarchy and machismo logic that ignores violence against women, blames the victim, and does not hold aggressors accountable.  The government does not even have a federal registry that tracks domestic violence and therefore cannot begin to reliably quantify the serious prevalence of this problem.

Sisters’s Response

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Buenos Aires, Argentina, serve women and children who are at risk and experiencing domestic violence. Sisters partner with volunteers and government services to offer support to current victims, while also focusing on underlying systemic issues in order to prevent abuse from happening. By increasing public awareness of the prevalence through radio, Facebook, contact with advocates, social service workers and parish workers, women and children learn that abuse is unlawful as well as where to find help. The impact has been considered overwhelmingly successful by the community in which they serve.

Funds Are Needed

At this point three successful programs run by sisters and volunteers require the addition of funds to increase therapeutic services of mental health professionals to assist victim in the healing process.

  • Trancos del Talar: Provides personalized counseling and escort to government services. Escorts are necessary to assist the women in advocating for themselves and their families. They stay at each woman’s side to provide them with security and support, especially when they file the complaint, and when they are at the Commissioner’s Office for Women, the Prosecutor’s Office, and Family Court.

 “When women come to realize that their situation demands filing out a complaint, the majority of them feel very insecure, fearful, and mistreated. We help them realize, that in these cases, the fault is the professionals not theirs. In some cases we had to intervene in the presence of these authorities so that they wouldn’t continue facing sexist, patriarchal and even sometimes mocking looks, as they drew their attention to articles of law. … However, for their true empowerment, we have determined the need for therapies. We are succeeding in getting them [the women] to listen to and be in solidarity with one another.” Sr. Rita Bosch

Your donation will be used for a Psychologists to assist these women….$7,000 per year

  • The Friends of Jesus: Provides children with services. The situation is so precarious that it is necessary for volunteers to work as a team. There is a lot of violence because of abuse, lack of family affection, serious learning problems and dropping out of school. The Sisters are involved in training and supporting the volunteers and accompanying volunteers on visits. The women who volunteer lovingly give of their time and personal gifts. However, it is necessary to find funds to hire professional therapists for these children and adolescents.

Your donation will be used for an Educational Psychologist….$6,000/year

  • Red Kawsay (the Kawsay Network): Provides 4 schools, neighborhood centers, and youth groups with abuse prevention services. Special emphasis is placed on preparing Catholic Church groups and Diocesan priests to identify potential abuse and make appropriate referrals.

 “More than anything our work focuses on the implementation of awareness workshops aimed at 8th grade or high school groups, and university level. In addition, we have carried out training for priests from one of the dioceses, for teachers, youth groups from different parishes.” Sr. Rita Bosch

Your donation helps provide a social worker … $4,100/year

Goal and Objectives:

Timeline: 10 years

Goal: Expand program to serve the greater Buenos Aires area and nearby impoverished villages and decrease the violence against women and children by 40%

Increase available professional services to provide effective treatment for victims of domestic violence
Raise awareness of the occurrence of domestic violence and provide educational and preventive programs throughout Buenos Aires
Provide accompaniment programs to assist women in navigating the legal protection system

Immediate Charitable Response:

$11,100 for the first year to mental health services for victims of domestic violence in Argentina.

Systemic Goal

Provide comprehensive education, prevention, intervention and treatment services to Buenos Aires and nearby villages to decrease domestic violence by 40%.


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