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Sisters’ Program to Intensify School Support for Struggling Youth Has Been Fully Funded

The Sisters’ program to itensify school support for struggling youth in Peru has been fully funded!

In Tacna, Peru, children are often not able to succeed in school which is their most likely way of moving out of extreme poverty and living a sustainable life. “Home situations are awful among our students,” said Sister Sally Harper of the Sisters of St. Joseph. 

“Alcoholism is rampant, kids are sent out to work. Everyone is just trying to survive.” 

Destitute parents and struggling youth have found comfort and safety at the Fe & Allegra School, run by the Sisters of St. Joseph.  Here, students not only have been able to gain academic skills, but they are taught agriculture, computers, carpentry, electronics, sewing, and more.  They don’t just graduate, they graduate with a profession.  

COVID has just exacerbated the issue for these families. With students unable to attend school in-person, they have had to rely on getting their education from cell phones, lap tops or listening to classes on radio. The Sisters have been discouraged and looked to Sisters Rising Worlwide to provide the funds necessary to increase the psychological help these students and families need. 

Thanks to our donors, the school has been able to increase their two part-time psychologists to full-time not only for the 2021 school year, but for 2022!  “This has been critical to assist the children and their families in the time of COVID,” says Sister Zaida Perez.  

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