Program Updates, Success!

Sisters’ Program to Provide Services for Impoverished People with Disabilities is Fully Funded

In Ecuador, an “invasion” is a neighborhood often left to squatters who slowly organize communities without the government’s knowledge or permission. El Floron, Ecuador, has been an “invasion” neighborhood for 30 years. People with disabilities in El Floron struggle to receive consistent, basic, life-saving care or rehabilitation since government funding is sporadic and incomplete. 

The Sisters of Ángel de la Guarda Therapeutic Center provide much-needed services and supplies to 175 children and adults with different capabilities.  Last year, they received only three months of funding from the government to pay workers’ salaries for the entire year, and this year, they received nothing from the government. 

Thanks to funds from Sisters Rising Worldwide, the Sisters can now pay the annual salaries of workers who will provide much-needed services such as physical therapy, language therapy, occupational therapy, psychology assistance, and educational workshops. In addition, they now can provide supplies like medicine, diapers, and formula to the people in their care.  

This program has forever changed the lives of many living in El Floron, Ecuador, by allowing the Sisters to maintain consistent, high-quality services for residents and their families. 

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