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Sisters Rising Worldwide and Alight Work Together to Help Sisters with Covid-19 Crisis

We continue to work with Alight to help Sisters around the world fight COVID-19 in their communities.  We recently reported on the needs of the Sisters in El Salvador and now, we are helping Sisters who work in vulnerable communities with little access to health systems.

Many Sisters have expressed to Sisters Rising Worldwide the need for micro-trainings and customized emergency preparedness plans to deal with COVID-19 in their communities.  Alight immediately made available to them access to Alight’s Medical Advisor, Dr. Terence Francisco.  Dr. Francisco is doing virtual calls via Zoom to learn about Sisters’ specific risks, the risks of their communities and the type of work they do to serve their community.  Dr. Terence shares basic information on prevention measures and creates a customized plan based on their responses that serves as an emergency preparedness plan.

Based on the findings of this call, Alight then works to support Sisters, and help fill in the gaps. This may be financial support or getting emergency supplies for them. It will look different for different Sisters.

Since we began this focus a few weeks ago, Alight has made 5 more doctors available for Sisters.

We will continue to keep you updated on how we are supporting our Sisters and their communities during this time.

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