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Supporting Sisters Fighting COVID-19 in Pakistan and India

Thanks to the beauty of technology, Sister Irene and Annie Nolte Henning are staying connected with Sisters around the world each day.

Above, they are speaking with Sister Rosey and Margus who run a school in Sindh, one of the four provinces of Pakistan.  The Sisters are also part of the Tulitha Kum, a global network of Sisters fighting against human trafficking. During this conversation, Irene and Annie were learning more about what the Sisters are doing to fight COVID-19 and how Sisters Rising Worldwide and Alight could support them in their efforts.

Here, we see India, El Salvador and Minneapolis connecting to help Sister Cynthia find solutions that will help the poor in Bihar, a state in East India, continue to get food during the nation’s mandatory lockdown.  As the community has shared with Sister Cynthia, “We will not die of coronavirus but we will die of hunger.”

Sisters Rising Worldwide and Alight are having these conversations each day, finding solutions for Sisters throughout the world who are helping vulnerable communities fight against COVID-19.

If you would like to make a donation towards our efforts, please click here and mark COVID-19 in the notes.  Thank you!

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