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Update from El Salvador

Through our strategic partnership with a humanitarian organization and their COVID Emergency Fund, we’ve been able to connect with Sisters and provide much-needed resources during this global pandemic.  Here is an update of how the COVID Emergency efforts have been working in El Salvador.

San Salvador
Since March, 28 sisters in 6 communities, have participated in virtual emergency preparedness and planning sessions and have distributed emergency medical and food supplies to nearly 2,000 community members. The four-month strict quarantine caused drastic poverty and hunger. In these desperate times, families in El Salvador started a “White Flag Movement” where they place white shirts, aprons, etc. outside their homes and on roadsides, signaling that they are hungry.  Sister Conchy quickly gathered the youth leaders of Apopa in search of white flags in their community, and delivered food kits to those most in need.

Tropical Storm Amanda
In May, El Salvador endured another crisis with Tropical Storm Amanda causing many families in Apopa and La Chacra to lose their homes. Sister-led communities were able to meet the most basic needs of their communities–things like blankets, mattresses, hygiene items and food–as well as support 1,500 people as they repaired roofs and rebuilt homes.

The Road Forward
As El Salvador works to reopen, the Sisters are now grappling with how to safely reopen their youth centers to provide a safe place for the youth to learn, grow, and dream.  Over the past two weeks, SRW, the Color Movement and LERO design teams have completed brainstorming sessions with the Sisters and the youth leaders, rethinking how the communities can thrive in the times of COVID-19.  We are now working to tackle the following challenges:

  1. Lack of access to technology for proper remote education
  2. The continuing economic crisis and lack of economic opportunity in the vulnerable communities
  3. The toll the pandemic has had on the mental health of the youth and their parents

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