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Children coloring at the shelter.

Fully Funded: Supplies and Support for Border Shelter

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Help and hope have a lot in common. The Problem: Families seeking asylum in the United States often complete the journey with very few resources. The Posada del Imigrantes Shelter in Mexicali is a two-story 34-room former motel that is currently housing up to 188 people desperate to escape the violence and poverty of their […]

Boys at the orphanage

Fully Funded: Support for Orphan Boys in Guyana

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Generosity is powerful. The Problem: Abandoned, parentless, and in desperate need of a safe place to live – those were the circumstances for these children. After suffering neglect and poverty, many of the boys who come to St. John Bosco Boys Orphanage are significantly delayed in their reading, writing, and math skills compared to their […]

Volunteers of Aguilas del Desierto

Fully Funded: Off-Road Vehicles to Rescue Lost Migrants

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Thanks to our generous donors, lost migrants near the US/Mexico border now have a fighting chance at survival. The Cause: Aguilas del Desierto is a program that saves migrants who are lost or abandoned on the U.S. side of the Mexican border and offers a hotline for families to call when searching for loved ones […]

Sister Sherly with patients from First Line Treatment Center in Assam, India

Give a Little, Help a Lot: COVID-19 Relief in Assam, India

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A little generosity goes a long way… The Problem: Hospitals in Srikona, Assam, operate on very small budgets. They are able to provide medication for patients being treated for COVID-19, but these facilities do not provide food. Frequent natural disasters also make it difficult to give or receive adequate care in this region.  The Solution: […]

Program Participants in Odisha, India.

Fully Funded: Sisters’ Program to Empower Women to Overcome Poverty With Trade Skill

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Your donations helped empower women to overcome poverty through trade skill training. Higher education is a distant dream for migrated children living in the slums of Odisha, India. Young women in the Odisha slums are often deprived of learning and earning opportunities making them extremely vulnerable to human trafficking, severe poverty, and gender discrimination. Many […]

Program participants in the Philippines

Fully Funded: Sisters’ Program to Support Village Entrepreneurs With Training and Seed Money

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Our donors helped impoverished villagers establish self-sufficient businesses and save their communities. Indigenous families in the Philippines suffer from ongoing warfare, severe poverty, and a lack of educational options. The Sisters in this region rely on donations to provide Indigenous families with the skills to become entrepreneurs by producing and selling their crafts. Thanks to […]

Program participants in rural India.

Fully Funded: Sisters’ Program to Empower the Poor Through Business and Skills Training

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The generosity of kind donors has helped marginalized women break cycles of poverty and overcome systemic injustice through entrepreneurial empowerment. The women in 30 rural Indian villages face crucial problems including systemic disempowerment, deadly human trafficking, heavy substance abuse, and severe poverty. The Sisters of St. Joseph’s Social Service Center have been living and working […]

Help People Who are Suffering from COVID in India

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***Campaign Update: We did it! Thanks to our amazing donors, we were able to raise more than $2,500 for Sister Remya’s community. Those funds will be used to purchase much-needed basic living resources such as food, clothing and toiletries. A thank you message from Sister Remya: Program Details Sister Remya Thomas of St. Joseph’s Sevasadan […]