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Program Update: Barrack Valley, India

Sr. Sherly’s program in Barrack Valley, India, was one of the SRW projects that has been fully funded.  Their efforts to eradicate child labor and human trafficking in Barrack Valley Region, Assam, India, have been challenged due to the spread of COVID in the region.

In a recent update from Sr. Sherly, we have learned that although the Sisters continue do their usual work and activities as they keep up with state government rules, the return of the migrants back to the village is causing a rise in COVID cases. People have lost their jobs and with no educational institutions open, there are no new opportunities for new jobs.  This will certainly lead to an increase in child marriages and human trafficking cases. The Sisters are constantly bringing awareness of these dire situations to the people in the village, especially the families and children that come to them.  They are grateful for the ALIGHT materials that have come in different languages which helps spread awareness throughout the entire community.

They are trying to stay connected to all those who have dropped out from the village and have lost the opportunity for further study.  In collaboration with National Open Schooling, the Sisters are coaching those who have dropped out so they can “write class 10th matric exam” which, when they pass, allows students to go to any college to further their education.  They are also planning livelihood programs such as organic farming, carpentry, electrical work, training, tailoring, and other skills–this is especially helpful for the migrants who have returned.

As is the case in Barrack Valley, the spread of COVID is causing a rise in human trafficking in many global communities and SRW programs focused on this effort need your help now.  See which programs are still in need of funding here or visit our donation page to join the SRW movement today.

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